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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by smart_minded, Jan 21, 2012.

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    I just found this forum recently. I have invested a lot of time in the SEO of my current site (a creative web design company) -- and I do have a lot to learn, hopefully I will keep reading and learning from this forum.

    I did have a question and a problem that we are experiencing.

    My web firm has two primary geographies -- perhaps even three -- the designers are spread out a bit, as are our sales staff.

    We technically have 3 markets we could be focusing on, but right now really only pushing key words for one.

    Can anyone suggest to me a good strategy to do SEO for two or three geographies?

    Should I consider changing my page titles and descriptions and metadata to include all three geographies: example) Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis.

    (these are not the three cities but just an example)

    Any help/guidance would be immensely appreciated.
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    When you say Geographies SEO question. Do you mean google search or google places?

    Google search: just build links with then anchor text that matches your area and it should rank quite soon

    Google places: I found directory submissions worked really well for this, with the address being the place you wish to rank

    hope this helps!!
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    create and optimize your places page for each of your locations. search the forum for google places and download some of the wso made available here to show you how to do this properly.

    create pages for each service in each location and optimize onpage factors for those kws. so create Web Design Indianapolis, Web Design Chicago, etc. add kws in the content, kw in alt title, etc. then build links with the kws in the anchors to those pages.
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    1. Target each city individually. So, if you were targeting 3 cities, each would have a separate page (or folder structure) as follows:


    Optimize each city's page for that specific city, using localized keywords e.g. web design city1.

    2. Create a Google Places page for each city.

    3. If you have a marketing budget, you can also use Adwords to geo-target each city.