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Dsl nexus skype or remote dsl

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by Clay., Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Clay.


    Aug 12, 2010
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    I just heard about DSL Nexus Skype, and remote dsl ... who do I contact about joining dsl remote sharing I have a extra dsl line in Houston and I read something on this site about joining for free just need to have a dsl line ..... also this dsl nexus on Skype I heard it is free, do I get this by going to Skype.com or what is this http://bo.lt/9rzx7 ..... is that bo.lt link a waste of time, I googled dsl nexus Skype and all a few different things came up, ..... And is dsl nexus something that can only be used with Skype ? what is dsl nexus ?, I read a liitle more and I think USPROXYKING is the guy to contact on this site. I sent him a message a few minutes ago on his site dslroot
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