DS Domination Alternative (Perfect For Noobs)

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    So I don?t really post much on BHW. But I have noticed a lot of questions about DS Domination so decided I would put up this short guide on how it?s done. Please note this does require work. Also this is not DS domination which IMO is a waste of $$$ and not detailed enough.
    Firstly in order for this to work you will need an eBay seller account with a verified PayPal account. Plus you want to grab a paypal debit card. Your eBay seller account must have a Seller Feedback score of at least 35+ so that?s Seller feedback guy?s not Buyer Feedback. If you do not already have this sell some old DVD?s lying around the house ect. The reason for this is it will reduce the chances of PayPal holding your funds. Which means you will be taking money out of your own pocket to buy items. Which I would rather not do. Now I also use Terapeak If you want this to work properly I highly suggest you grab the 7day trial you can always cancel.

    Now head on ever to Amazon browse for any product for example ?Cards against Humanity? which as I am writing this is selling for $25 copy the title.

    Now open a new tab and go to eBay Dot Com and paste the title in and click search. Now click sold listings. You will see guy?s on here selling for less but don?t worry about that look for someone with the plain white background from Amazon with a decent amount of feedback. Click the listing and see what else they are selling go through the listings checking back to amazon to see what sort of profit they are making.

    Once you find a seller bulk listing amazon product?s that appears to be making some good $$ on a few item?s copy that sellers name to the clipboard. Head over to Terapeak click competitor research Paste that seller?s name in click 90days, click search,

    Now I found a guy doing 2.4 million in turnover by searching a few different sellers. But here?s the thing the sell through rate is 24% this is where we click best-selling title?s Which display?s which listings are giving him a good sell through rate I like to focus on 90% plus. Now copy these title?s and paste in Amazon search. Work out your price point after using the ebay seller calculator. Copy your competitor?s listing and change it up a bit. Use Terapeak?s title builder make it readable but use all characters available if you can. Save the photos from amazon and name them something to do with the product e.g. ?Cards Against Humanity 1? upload your images to your listing and list your item for 30day?s have in your return?s policy to contact you first for any reason etc.
    Rinse and repeat have multiple product?s up when one sells and the $$$ hit your PayPal head on over to amazon place your order with the PayPal debit card and have it sent as a gift with the note saying thank you for your business EBay king or whatever your username is. 2% of customer?s will say something about an Amazon box showing up but it usually is not an issue I just tell them I sell on both. If you get returns don?t stress it happens just follow the amazon directions and forward that on to the eBay buyer.
    Please note guy?s you do not need to be the cheapest on eBay to make sales. I generally target $5+ per item as a minimum that?s after fees in my hand. On some item?s I have made $200+ that is where Terapeak comes in do the research find what works and keep doing it. Also Changing your title, using a nice eBay template having an about me page ect help?s you to stand out from the guy?s that just copy paste. More than likely you will out rank those other drop shippers anyway due to targeting Keywords better.
    I have been earning good $$$$$$ with this for over a year now but in saying that when I started I put in a lot of time. In my opinion this is one of the easiest ways to start making money online.
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    Hi, You still with DS Domination? I have a proposal for you