Dropshipping Payment Process Questions!

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    Okay so I have a question about the process on how to successfully drop ship a product.

    Okay so when a customer or agent processes an order for an item. We take the payment ( if credit card) thru our e commerce store ( Volusion). Then we WAIT about 2 days for it to clear in our bank account THEN we notify our wholesaler to ship to this customer.

    Being that there is a 2 day wait on our funds to clear, we dont want to send the product without collecting the payment, is there a better process for this ?

    Because now, all of the orders are manually inputted into a spreadsheet then sent out and its very time consuming and not efficient at all.

    ANY suggestions or ideas will be very helpful,

    ALSO if there is another shopping card solution that handles this better PLEASE let me know, we are open to changing e commerce providers.

    Thanks guys