Dropshipping Kretek Cigarettes (Clove Cigarettes)

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    We are Clove Cigarettes Online Store from Indonesia. We sell genuine Clove Cigaretes online, with hundreds of satisfied customers. And, shipping more than 30 cartons each month.

    Now, we offer you to join opportunity make money online, by dropship our products. You can sell our products around your local area, supply it directly to cafe/restaurants/pub, and to personal user with quite good reseller price.

    What we offer :
    • Genuine Clove Cigarettes
    • Fair pricing
    • No minimal amount (be wise, shipping cost from Indonesia are quite high)
    • Custom order (mixed order)
    • Bulk order discount (up to 25%)
    • Flexible payment (PayPal, Credit Card/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Money Transfer, Western Union, and bitcoin)
    • Stealth shipping (avoid customs border excise duty)
    • Tracking number
    • Refund/Reshipping
    Why our Clove Cigarettes are superior?
    • Clove Cigarettes are originated and only manufactured in Indonesia. No other country have license to re-manufacture it.
    • Our clove cigarettes are Indonesia Domestic market. So, no doubt in quality. Mostly higher Tar and Nicotine than other regular cigarettes
    • Clove cigarettes are luxury goods. You can't get it in ordinary grocery or gas station. Distribution are "restricted". And, some other country ban smoking clove cigarettes to protect their cigarettes marketshare.
    • Limited amount can be distributed. For personal use only
    • Price are quite high. You can sell clove cigarettes around $8 - $15 per pack around your local area.
    How can I start?
    • Know your products. At least you know what you sell.
    • Know your customers. Cigarettes business is a long term business. Repeat order chance is very high as long you can treat your customers well.
    • Know your custom border rules. Because cigarettes/tobacco products are egible for excise duty, and or VAT
    • Start from close area, close friends and or family. Its enough to make some money from them.
    • Start from small order. You can buy small order or mixed order to try, and use as advertisment to your customers.
    How much margin can you get as reseller?
    • 20%? 30%? 50% or 100%?
    • Its up to you, you can research clove cigarettes prices depend on difficulties to find, average regular cigarettes price on your area, etc.
    Where should I sell your products?
    • Your local area
    • Friends or family
    • Your facebook friends or Twitter followers
    • Supply it to restaurants, pub, tobacconist, and so on (you know better than me)
    • Ebay (Collectible items), you compete with our reseller also
    What guarantee from us?
    • Refund guarantee if your products you receive are counterfeit (legal proof needed)
    • Reship if your order are "Lost in Shipment"
    • Reship if you did not receive your order between 45 days
    What shipping method do you use?
    • Registered Mail from Pos Indonesia
    • Shipped in hard cardboard
    • No declaration, packed as gift
    • Tracking Number available
    • 7 to 24 days. Or more depend your location.
    • 12 days average most EU country
    • 18 to 40 days to most US. Sorry, your USPS mailman are lazy as s***
    How about DHL and EMS?
    • As long you responsible if any Excise Duty, VAT, and or any cost occur after touching your customs border.
    • DHL will rob you with advanced tax/duty every shipment. So shipping cost are mostly unreasonable. Average $85/Kg shipment before tax.
    • We must declare our shipment when use EMS, its can raise chance to be taxed by your customs. Unless you, or your customers are okay pay all the cost occured.
    So, lets simulate it!
    • Just asume you already have customers. They placing order to you
    • You receive payment from your customers
    • Place your order on my website
    • Write note on your order form "BHW Dropship"
    • Pay your order
    • We ship it to your customers address or your address (if you want to resell it directly)
    • We will provice Tracking Number after we ship it
    • Over
    Customs Duty
    • You must know your Customs Border law, limitation, quota, and or any related.
    • You/your customers egible for any Tax, Excise Duty, VAT, and or any cost may occurr.
    • We do not offer any refund or reship if your order seized by Customs
    • We do not offer any refund or reship if you/your customers refuse pay excise duty and customs seize or returned it to sender
    • We do not offer any refund or reship if you did not pick your order, or fail respond call from Post Office to collect your parcels. Some post office require you to pick up/collect it.
    We only ship your order after we receive your full payment cleared in our Bank Account.
    • PayPal payment are okay, but we only offered for repeat order/trusted reseller/customers only. Because PayPal NOT allow transaction for Tobacco/Cigarettes, we only make manual business invoice to you. No personal transfer allowed. And, we do this because protect our business from scammers. I have lost more than $2k USD in our PayPal because scammed (chargeback, disputes) for order that already delivered, our they report our activities. Shame on you scammers. And, sorry, mostly are US based customers did it.
    • Credit Cards or Debit Cards. We use third party Credit Cards and Debit Cards. (TransferWise and Skrill iT)
    • TransferWise. The most reliable and secure transfer money crossing border. Lowest fees compared other service, even PayPal. 2 to 5 business days cleared to our Bank Account.
    • Skrill iT. They offer "free transfer fee" to Indonesia isntantly during promo. Until June 31 2016. It will be isntantly on our bank account within minutes. Better use this for faster process.
    • Another payment you can find at our payment gateway system.
    Contact and Customer Support
    Email : [email protected]
    Skype : didjital.clover
    Whatsapp : +6282135956242

    This is the end of our sales page. Not fancy enough. No hyperbolic offer. But we do a real deal.
    We doing cigarettes business for years. And we know what we do.

    If you did not feel comfortable with our payment system, feel free to leave this thread. You can read our Terms and Agreement at our website. This business is not for beginer. Many factor involved.