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Dropshipping guide and free software NEWBIE Method make $$

Discussion in 'Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups' started by lelando, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. lelando

    lelando Junior Member

    May 13, 2011
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    Hi fellow Blackhatters,

    This will be my first share on blackhatworld and its community.
    In this thread I will provide you with the nessecary tools and basic information on how to start your own dropshipping business with $0. Please be patient as I will try to answer everyones question.I'm not good at explaining things or teaching people how to do stuff but I will try to explain to the best of my abilities and make this guide as easy and simple as possible.


    You will need to download my application which you can get get here:
    You will also nee the latest .net frameworks to get this to work.
    And extract the rar file into a new folder. you can rename the folder to anything you want to.

    File name:Bidmaster.rar
    Detection ratio: 0 / 43
    Analysis date: 2012-11-26 13:25:57 UTC

    This application is made and programmed to work with one supplier only Chinabuye.com and you will need to create a dropshippers account with them in order to dropship products from their website. I'm not affiliated with this company and I'm not the owner.If you need to know how their site works please ask their support or ask in their forums.In this thread I will only show you how to use this app.


    Well it's simple really.The application scrapes all the products information(title,shipping info,price,description and images) and puts it all into a database.
    You then adjust the application to your needs and export the products to a .csv file. The .csv file is then used to import the products onto the site you will be selling your items on sites like ebay,ebid, bonanza... etc. You can also use this application to update your own website with the csv files as you can create the csv files in any way you like.Semi automation is the key here.

    In this guide I will be using bonanza as an example when I show you how to create your own csv files with this app but please keep in mind each website will have different headers in the csv document and you will need to adjust the application for each site.The settings for each site can be saved as a profile and loaded when you need to make adjustments or update the database.


    PART 1.

    Most if not all sites like Bonanza and ebay allows bulk uploading. Some are free and some aren't.
    You will need to create an account on the website you will be selling on. I chose bonanza as it's free to list your items there ,They only charge a small FVF aka final value fee and you can upload 10 000 items in one booth. you are also allowed to have more than one account and more than one booth (I have 5 BTW).Now that you have created your account go ahead and open the bidmaster program.
    It will look like this.


    This application already includes an up to date product database. I will explain how to update the products and categories when I'm done with the more important stuff.

    Now lets start with the categories ID's.We want to give each category a number so that when you upload the csv file the server will know in what category your item needs to be placed into.
    Every website that allows bulk upload will have a page with category id's. bonanza's one can be found here

    click on settings

    click on the dropdown menu below the text that says "select a category to edit"


    You will see that theres alot of categories -339
    now click on the first item in that category that says apple.you will see it should bring up a category id
    you can change this by going to the category id's list and finding the correct category the products should be in. Put the new category number in the block where it says "change category to id" and click save changes.Do the same for all the other categories. You will need to click on the save changes button for every category id you change.

    Further down in that open windows you will see a tab that says "symbols to remove"
    now if there's any weird symbols like %#)(/ that you would like the application to filter out of the product description when it exports the products to a csv file then you will need to add that symbol in the empty block above add and click the add button. You will see I have already added a few symbols.

    Further down that page you will see a section that says HTML template for exporting data.
    Dont skip this part as it will determine what the layout of you product description will look like when you upload all of your items.You will need to change these parts in the html fiels:

    1.<img src="http://logourlhere"> - here you can insert a link to your logo image it will make your products standout from the rest.

    2.<img src="http://fishyads.co.za/policy.png"> - make a shipping policy and replace my link with your own. visit my current link to see an example.

    3.<img src="http://policy_2.png here"> - you can add another image here if you want to or leave this part as is

    4.<a href=""> - you can add a link to your bonanza,ebay or ebid etc... store here so that people can view all your products

    The rest explained. no need to change these!

    {title} - is the title of the product
    {allimages} - all the images of the product will go here
    {overview} - Basic overview of the product will go here.
    {description}- Full product description will go here.

    The rest is Basic html only modify it if you have some sort of experience with html. You can copy all the html code and paste it in notepad and save it as a example.html . this will give you a basic idea of what the product will look like when it is uploaded to the site you are selling on.

    once your done you can click on save and close and get ready for part 2 !!! :)


    You should be back at the main page of the application.
    Click on save. you should now be at a page that looks like this

    ignore the dropdown menu at the top for now. You will need to give your profile a name so go ahead and name it whatever you want in the section that says name (easy lol lol ). I named mine bonanza.

    now go down to the part where it says create a new field now this is where it gets tricky but should get easier as we go along.

    now before we can begin with setting up the fields we will need to know what title headers we need to use in the csv document and in what order they need to be in. Some websites will give you a sample.csv file that shows you the order and format and some sites like bonanza gives you a page like this - http://www.bonanza.com/site_help/booths_setup/csv_import

    now I'm only going to show you how to make a basic bonanza .csv file I wont be using all of the title headers mentioned on that page as bonanza doesnt require me to add them all to the document they only need id, title, description, price, image, qty, category, shipping_price so thats what i will be using.

    no go back to the application and click in the field that says "field name" put in "id" without the quotes. Bonanza is case sensitive so use caps and lower case where they tell you to.

    now go to "field type" and select "ID" then click "add/edit" you will see that it added it into the colum below.

    now go back to field name and enter "title" next goto field type and select "TITLE" (see its easy :L) )

    next do the same with description and in the dropdown menu select "HTML" this will be the html section we have setup under settings.

    ok now for the harder part. next as you can see you will need to add the price. now everyone would actually want to make a profit when they resell items so we will use the formula to add a % on top of chinabuyes prices.
    in the field name type "price" then go to the field type and select "FORMULA" you will see the the "field value" will appear white below that is a block that says "currency" now we need to fill that out first. If you intend to sell in $ then set it to 1 if you intend to sell in a different currency then you will need to set the value of the currency against the American $. For example if you live in South africa and $1 is worth R8.71(zar) then I will put 8.71 in the currency field if I sell in $ then $1 = $1 so I would put 1 in that field. I hope Im clear enough on that part.

    now we would want to create a formula so we will click on "new formula".

    you can have a single formula OR you can have multiple formulas C = currency and P = price these 2 are automatically converted by the application. using the Product Price and the Currency you set on the previous window. You can make complex formulas
    for example:(p*1.1+10)+1.1*(1+c) or simple ones like what I use since im not good at math (p*c+2.20)*1.21 it must be dot no comma in the numbers if the formula is wrong then it will also tell you. now, if you make multiple formula there is a PLUS GREEN icon when you press it a new box shows up it will use the price to order how the rules are applied .So lets say you make it like this:
    first formula is 3, second is 5, third is 10 if product is below then 3 it will fall in the first rule, if below then 5 on the 2 .If a product has fallen into any rule it will not fall into any other rule
    so it doesnt get worked twice only once and it is ordered by the price

    Here's a example of one of my formula setups.

    once you have your formula set then press on create new. your formula will be saved and can be accessed by clicking on the dropdown menu in the formula field and clicking "use selected"

    next you will create a field called image and in the field drop down menu you will need to select main image. Your main image is a thumbnail picture the website will show when customers browse through products.

    next you will create a field "qty" (it means quantity) then select custom in the drop down menu when you select field. then go to field value and you can insert any number in their 1,2,3,4,5, it doesnt matter it just shows the quantity of the products you have in stock.

    (you will use the custom field whenever there is no option to choose from in the drop down menu)

    next you create a field called " category" and select "Categroy" from the drop down menu

    and then your last field will be shipping_price. select custom from the drop down menu and set it as "free" if you are going to offer free shipping or "fixed" if you are going to offer a fixed price on shipping.

    the shipping prices and shipping profiles you will need to setup in your bonanza booth option.

    great now we are almost done

    go down and in the tab where it says records per file you can put a value of 10000 maximum for bonanza as thats the maximum number of items per booth. Records means the total number of products per csv file so your files will be split of 10k products per file. click export and select where you want to save the csv file.

    YOURE DONE ! :) now all you need to do is goto bonanza or whatever site your using and go to the bulk upload section and upload your file.

    Where to sell? a simple google search will bring up a few places ebay,bonanza,webstore and ebid are the more popular ones im not going to make a whole list here but you can also sell on dhgate ,bidorbuy,yardsellr and theres more sites out there seriously just search for them on google.

    Appoligies for the grammar and spelling mistakes English is my 2nd language.


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  2. Van Damme

    Van Damme Registered Member

    Dec 26, 2011
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    How much you're making with this per month?
  3. lelando

    lelando Junior Member

    May 13, 2011
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    Well dropshipping is not my main source of income I make between 900 - $1200 in profit per month, I have another application that works with more suppliers,shows stats that more automated than this (not sharing no pm's.) This guide should be enough to help you get started making money online and you can use your earnings to reinvest in upscaling and having your own software made
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  4. terrycody

    terrycody Elite Member

    Sep 29, 2012
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    thank you santa claus man, amazing method
  5. DaleTheDog

    DaleTheDog Newbie

    Sep 30, 2012
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    900-1200K per month?!?!?! Is this a typo or are you seriously taking in an average 1 million every month profit? What is your main source of income
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  6. zsimpson22

    zsimpson22 Regular Member

    Oct 10, 2012
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    On My Way To The Top
    I'm pretty sure he means 900 dollars to 1200 dollars. I sure as hell hope so. If he means one million a month, this method is about to get way over saturated! lol
  7. lelando

    lelando Junior Member

    May 13, 2011
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    Hi thanks for pointing that out yes I meant 900 -1200 usd lol If I made a million I would not have retired by now
  8. lelando

    lelando Junior Member

    May 13, 2011
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    My main source of income is from my offline business. Nothing do to with IM
  9. el_capitan

    el_capitan Junior Member

    Apr 20, 2012
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    Los Angeles, CA
  10. mcguirehg@yahoo.com

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    Jan 30, 2012
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    This may be a good option. Is it worth the time? Dan
  11. izkech

    izkech Power Member

    Jun 7, 2012
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    Nice tuto , Thanks !!