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    its against googles policy yo have drop shipping in there shopping resuts or to mass put services in. how do they know that you are drop shipping apart from using google everyday and them following your google profile

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    Didn't know this. Thanks man. What do you/they mean when saying "mass put services in"? Can you clear this up?

    I'm obviously a little skeptical of this, as their results show ebay items in almost every search. They're probably just going to have to suck it up, and live with the online selling world as it is. Maybe they should take a page from the amazon book and get smart about selling online instead of just providing a search engine with endless rules that don't mean anything to anybody lol.

    One easy way they could get the hint though, which isn't concrete proof, but you'll notice it when researching dropshipper's items is: the results with the same/unchanged data/descriptions are "lumped" into the same one result with the "compare stores" option.

    Knowing this can definitely put you ahead of the game on gshop if you take the time to alter your xml feed. Something most turnkey dropshippers wouldn't have the knowledge or inclination to do.

    Hope this helps someone out