Dropshipper list and shipment speed


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Oct 19, 2015
Hey guys, I'm sort of new to the dropshipping business, I've experimented dropshipping from amazon to Ebay a little bit a month ago and had relatively modest success. I was looking into getting better margins on my shipments and was wondering what good dropshippers there were out there for no general products that could sell well on ebay. Also, how is the shipment speed of most dropshippers. Have any of you experience any late shipments or had difficulties with shipment? I'm looking to offer quality service which is why shipping speed is a concern. It might be important to note that I live in Canada and will do a portion of my business in my country.
I can send goods inside of the 50 states in the US (can offer you a 2 days shipping) cant send directly to Canada - contact me only if you are a serious seller
That's a bummer, I'd be more interested in Canada as its easier since i don't have a registered us account
How long would you say there shipments are? And do you think I'd be better off then buying off of Amazon rather then aliexpress?
There focalprice, lightinthebox also, but shipping time will about 3 weeks, also I have troubles with focalprice time to time, when I order something and after a week, order just dont displayed in orders but money is returned in account.

There another sites, which provide very cheap offers. I want in future buy from there and send to amazon for fulfilment. In this case I will ship fast, but it is already a little another business )
I am a US video game distributor and I am looking for wholesalers and ebay sellers. P M me!
So it's safe to assume it's atleast 3 weeks using chineese suppliers like aliexpress? Do any clients give bad reviews because of it? Is there any better methods for Canadien sellers?
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