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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sonofabear, Aug 19, 2009.

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    I'm a newb to IM, and have only been doing it about about 2 months. I set up a few blogs with some amazon links to get started. Nothing huge in $ I know, but I just wanted to get my feet wet. Anyway, I've been doing mostly White Hat stuff (as far as i know). Using onlywire multi auto submit, manually commenting on relevant blogs, link juicer, pingler, ect. I've been getting an average of 10 visits per day on most of them, but one of them I was getting 100-180 per day.

    I was decently high on on google search results for certain keywords, even on the first page for one keyword phrase. Next thing I know I'm barley showing up for any of the Keywords I had been showing up for, and I'm down to getting the 10ish visits per day like the others.

    I'm still indexed on G, just way lower in the search than before. Did I get slapped for something or did I just naturally fall for all the keywords overnight? This site is the first that I started blogging with, maybe something I am doing is keeping all the sites low, and its now just catching up with the first one I did. Does overuse of onlywire hurt?
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    This can happen for many reasons. Here are a few:

    1. You pushed too many backlinks to your site with the same anchor text
    2. The domain isn't aged enough to handle the amount of backlinks you've pushed (This is just what Ive experience and equated my drop in ranks to)
    3. You aquired too many spammy/bad neighborhood links

    Check to see what page you are on. Usually you drop a specific amount of ranks depending on what filter you triggered within google. -50 ranks is common
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    Hey it happens and natural. Rembember build link slowly. May be you get into sandbox period. Just pm me your website url. so that i can suggest you more.
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    Its called the Google Dance!

    There is absolutely no evidence that posting back links like mentioned above will get you a drop in rankings. If you read Angelas backlink PDF you will note that she states that backlinks using the same anchor text is suggested. Not only that, its suggested that you create as many backlinks to a site as possible using only the same text.