Drop in Ranking - Is this common?

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    Mar 25, 2017
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    Ranking for keyword dropped significantly, around 50 spots.

    This is what happened:

    I took over a site that's over 1 year old, quality content, but has very little off page SEO done
    At first, In GSC, Links to your Site, there were only 8 links
    Started building links for about 1 month
    After that, published a new page and set it as home page
    Went to GSC, Fetch as Google, and did Fetch and Render, and requested Indexing of the home page
    Couple days later number of links in Links to your Site went up to 56, and rankings dropped, a lot

    When I type in google search "sitedomain" (without .com), site shows up on 1st page
    GSC, HTML Improvements: We didn't detect any content issues with your site.
    GSC, Manual Action: No manual webspam actions found.

    Did the drop happened because google discovered around 50 new backlinks at the same time, even though they were build over 1 month time?
    Are these things common, and should I do something or just wait and see?
    This happened couple days ago.