Drop in mobile rankings while desktop retained positions

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by aj1534, Jan 9, 2015.

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    Has anyone ever seen a sudden drop in mobile rankings but desktop searches remain what they were? I have a local business that has been on page 1 for all search keywords since October of 2013. Mobile and desktop rankings were always identical and appeared to be for all the competition as well. Today I noticed that on mobile searches an inner page will be ranked on page 4 or 5 of google, however, the site is still in the 7 pack results and rankings on desktop searches are as normal.

    The mobile website generator I was using gave a really long, messy looking url but that has always been the same. I disabled the mobile version for now. No warnings in webmaster tools. Only two links built within the last 30 days and did not use overly optimized anchor text. I can't imagine it is penguin, over 90% of inbound links are brand or urls. No more than 2% on any exact match (with all keyword rich links as less than 10% total) which is well under the majority of competing websites.

    Any ideas?
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    Well, that's the disadvantage of having a separate mobile site. Make your main site responsive and you'll have top rankings for mobile and desktop searches.
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    I would agree here.

    Google is now rewarding mobile responsive sites in the SERPs.

    Non mobile friendly pages are moving down the results.

    Look for the "Mobile friendly" indication to the left of the link in the results. Don't see it? Google doesn't think you're mobile friendly.