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Jul 13, 2009
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I never really cared for him cuz I associate new hiphop artist with shit automatically but today I was just checking out some music and man talk about a breath of fresh of air to hip hop. I like how slowly hiphop is getting soulful again. hiphop has been stale for the longest time now.

What do you guys think of Drake?

Also really listen to his shit before saying he's trash. I dont see how you can say hes trash if you really listen to his shit.
"Last name eva, First name greatest" No lie some of his stuff is pretty good.
I like his brother Josh better :D... Get it, Nickelodeons Drake and Josh....

OO I kill me sometimes.
yeak, drakes pretty good. I remember before everbody knew about him. Honestly, he is not the greatest rapper ever but he has some sick verses. I would rate him 8/10 on the rap quality scale
Wasn't he on that show degrassi? He's the dude in the wheelchair.
Yeah....he got some hot verses. Personally I think Lil' Wayne was helping initially....now he is in a groove.
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