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    im looking for someone who can create a simple php script i can run on my server that downloads a csv file from a url and saves a copy to a given location on the server.
    the file is already in csv format so no changes need to be made to the file format.
    the file must be able to be run by cron and must overwrite its self each time its downloaded.

    If at all possible (maybe in the same script) though the first one will do for now...

    im also looking for a script to take the csv file off my server and update an sql database.

    Basically the whole script or scripts will update my stock in zen cart from my dropshippers csv (commer delimited) data feed.

    The Csv is in the following format:
    Colomn A has product id Colomn B has quantity.
    no headers in the file so colomn a1 is the first product id
    colomn b1 is the first quantity that matches with colomn A

    if anyone could help me out with this im willing to pay $5 - 10 for the first script that takes downloads a file from a given url and saves it on the server (its fairly simple i think) and up to $50 for the whole script that also updates mysql database.
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    Do you still need this done?