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    Hey everyone here at BHW, I'm glad you decided to stop by to check out my Journey to $25/day. I've always loved the idea of making money online, never having to work a 9-5, etc but have hit numerous pitfalls. I can honestly say I fell for the surveys "scam" and never made payouts. However, I'm 19 going to a Community College and I can't land a job. So I look to the internet, which I believe is truly a land of unlimited opportunities.

    My Goals:
    Absorb as much knowledge about making money online effectively, without getting "knowledge paralysis" (So much knowledge, never take action)
    Hit a benchmark of stable $10/day by the end of March.
    Use Blackhat methods to make money while still slowly building up my Whitehat websites incase things go wrong.

    Day 1 FEB 29th, 2012
    * Read a lot of guides today, especially a lot of stuff in journals.
    * Applied to multiple CPA Networks (FileIce, MGCash, AdScendmedia)
    * Started developing Niches but having trouble finding which ones are good and not competitive

    I really want to go the Youtube route with Content Gateways. I'll also be trying out where you download but require a password, and they have to finish a Gateway for that.

    I would LOVE any help you guys want to provide. Thanks.

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