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Double checking my venture is worthwhile

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by mibix, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. mibix

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    Mar 25, 2013
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    Apologies if this doesn't make sense. I've just spent ages re-writing the last half as the post kept getting flagged as spam because I wrote d ot c o m after my EMD examples.

    Hello guys. Now I've been reading for weeks, and trying to get my head around finding an ideal micro niche.

    I want to set up a micro niche site based on a project I've been working on. I've read conflicting advice about the amount of monthly searches in Google's keyword tool and wondered if anyone can tell me if this is too much of a tiny share of searches...

    For keyword KEY, the exact global searches in google...

    [how to make a KEY] Low ~700
    [DIY KEY] Low ~300
    [homemade KEY] Low ~100
    [make a KEY] Low ~90

    Is this a niche worth going for? I've read that 2-3k exact searches is what should be aimed for and I fall short, but I can always branch out. There's a chance of affiliates, adsense and there are EDMs for makeaKEY and howtomakeaKEY.

    Traffic Travis says there are between 30 and 80 back-links with relatively easy difficulty.

    The keyword has 60000 exact and 1 million phrase searches with high and medium competition respectively.

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