Double charge in clickbank.

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    I have been an affiliate of clickbank for a few years and have sold several thousands of dollars in products. Likewise, I have had several hundreds of dollars in refunds. Thats just how the game goes with clickbank.

    The subject of this thread is double charges in clickbank and if you sell quite a bit you may have had several of these. Well in my opinion a double charge will always cost you a sell.

    The double charge is most always the customers fault. They enter their info on the order page and hit submit. Well if the page loads for too long, they hit the back button and start again and submit it a second time. This can result in a double charge to their method of payment. In turn, this shows as two sales in your CB account.

    If you catch it in time, you can report it to CB through their contact form and they can refund the second charge. If not and the customer catches it, they will refund both charges and you lose a sale.

    A couple of years ago you could see the email address of the buyer in the transactions section of your account and this was the best way to find when a customer was double charged. Now you have to use your instincts. If its the same card type, the same country code, and the transaction happens within a minute or so of each other. It is most likely a double charge.

    But anyways... If you see a double charge, contact CB and they will refund one and this may save your account from a refund.
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