Don't use VigLink - A Formal Warning

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    So I was recently testing viglink on one of my blogs, and I am not happy with the results. I set up a post promoting a product that I make 2-3 conversions a day on, and it just so happens that viglink can monetize as well. I placed the viglink javascript on the page, and re-wrote the post.

    I placed the viglink links at the top and bottom, and my normal affiliate links throughout the post.

    Throughout the week, I was only getting one or two conversions, and they were going directly through my links. Viglink was showing 0 clicks, even when I clicked the viglink links through a proxy several times for the sake of testing. After heatmapping the links, I found out that viglink WAS getting unique clicks, and they just weren't registering. Everything was set up correctly, and verified to be in working order.

    If you are worried about networks scraping, or if you are looking for a shortcut, do not go with viglink, they are a complete scam, and their only mission is to drive money into their own pocket. Plus, they track your traffic, so they are working against you if you have anything that gets decent traffic, they will know your traffic sources, and they will definitely use that to their advantage.

    This is just a warning to all of you. DON'T DO IT!!!
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