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    Just wanted to post a little inspiration for people that are struggling to make $$ with clickbank. I have been getting quite discouraged with my website lately as it hadnt made a sale in about 3 months. My selling keyword was sitting at 4-5 in google and just hadnt been moving from there. But I have continued to plug away at adding new articles to my website (only 1 or 2 each week) as well as doing bits of backlinking etc. Well last week my keyword jumped up to number 2 and has been there for almost 8 days now so fingers crossed it will stay there and hopefully some time soon I can take that elusive #1 position. Anyway, in the week that my site has been #2 sales have started to come in :) Just wanted to post this picture here for anyone that is feeling how I have been to hopefully enspire you to keep plugging away and hopefully you will eventually see reward for your effort. I know it isnt a lot of money but it still makes you smile opening up your clickbank account and not seeing a whole lot of $0's.



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