dont buy anything from Pearce67

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    Nov 16, 2014
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    This guy is new to the forums and is apparently claiming to have a bunch of instagram accounts for sale such as a 40k account and a 800k account.

    Here is a thread from someone who tried to buy an account from him and got scammed.

    On top of that I tried to email him about the 800k account and he was interested in "selling" it but just like in the thread I posted with the other buyer he had no idea what he wanted for the account. (strange, as you would think someone with so many accounts that have so many followers he would know what he is trying to get for them) As soon as I told him he would need to verify he owned the account he stopped responding.

    On top of that if you look at his post history he states he is a "high school kid just looking to make some money here and there". I highly doubt a high school kid would own an 800k account a 40k account and multiple others. (but its possible)

    Just be careful.
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