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    I've heard this phrase about 10 times this week and frankly, it's pissing me off. Maybe I just don't understand it.

    I've been looking into niche sites. Went about my usual routine of finding the best people in that area of Internet Marketing reading everything I could from them and even trying to contact them personally via email. They all pretty much gave me the same response.

    "Don't Be So Shortsighted."

    I almost take offense to someone saying this to me. Just about every method to make money online, I've tried for a least a solid year. Except my last attempt at being the next Matthew Woodward. I got one week into that and realized that shit ain't ever happening. People say I hop from one thing to the next too quickly and it's just not true. Albeit it's a common theme with people new to internet marketing.

    I spent the last month going through Alex Becker's stuff over at source wave. He had some really good SEO siloing information there. I knew some of the stuff already from the time I spent learning GSA. The tutorials from SERLists and the GSA forum are second to none. I found the Ultimate Silo Storm WP theme from the guys at Heatmap and it fit right in with what I had learned from Becker. Knowledge, Software, Hosting, ready to go.

    The First Obstacle - Content Creation

    Then it hit me...The same wall I always hit. Content creation. How am I supposed to create a niche site about some product or topic that I don't care about? Easy! Just create content around something you do! right? Wrong. This whole concept about creating sites about topics you actually enjoy sharing with other people defeats the whole purpose of niche sites.

    I didn't get involved with internet marketing to become a professional blogger about porn and guns. (MERICA!) Internet Marketers who say they don't do it for the money are liars. If that was the case they wouldn't monetize the site. I mean, just sharing your passion with the world should be self gratifying enough. /sarcasm

    I'm just not passionate enough about anything to want to make a whole website about it. I don't get how people do it. Hundreds of keywords and article after article trying to sell someone on clicking a link and MAYBE making a purchase. Becoming an "authority" on something you just picked out because it met all the parameters for a good keyword.

    Possible solution...just pay someone to write the content for you. Pay someone to make a website for you. Pay someone to do keyword research.

    The Second Obstacle - ROI

    I can't help but to admire the balls on the guys that invest money into an idea before it's successful. People spend hundreds on a website before they ever earn a dime. I've read numerous case studies where people spent money on design, content, High PR Links / domains, SEO packages etc. all on a hope and dream of making it work. I just don't have the residual income from my 9-5 to make that type of commitment.

    I've learned that you either need money or patience. Of which I normally have neither. I read about people taking 3 months to even rank for medium competition words. I'm not talking about some shit journey thread either. The case studies over at took 2 months before he made $50.

    I don't even want to get started on the guy from I signed up for his mailing list and get 500 new niches a day. If it's a long term commitment to make a niche site how am I supposed to utilize all this information I'm getting on a daily basis. It's like people just shit out niche sites. Along with all the affiliate offers for pre-made Amazon sites that just magically make $500-$1000 a month. It seems like anywhere there is actual work to be done, someone always finds a way to sell a shortcut.

    The Third Obstacle - Jaded Mindset

    I'm the type of person that looks at something and sees 10,000 things wrong with it. I've never had any success, so every problem looks like a Mt. Everest to accomplish. Never have the right tool, never have the right information, never have enough money. Always lacking.

    I'm always willing to research and learn from other people. I have no problem asking questions or writing long boring post here on BHW. Maybe that's my niche. I should create a blog about being a frustrated, failed internet marketer. I hate to see post from people who say "need to make money online" or "need $10 a day now". Not because they're desperate, but because they don't understand yet that there's no room for pity in the world of IM.

    I can't help but to agree though. Why is it so hard to make money this month, instead of 3 months from now and $xxx dollars later? How it is possible that I consistently do the wrong thing on every single attempt I make. Every step of the way from start to finish is a total disaster. I'd love to be committed to something I knew would grow and increase in profits every month. As of now I'm just committed to being committed to finding something.

    Closing Thoughts

    To the Internet Marketers who have made it online and say "Don't be so Shortsighted"...I say, don't forget who your audience is. $1000 a month would change my life. It's not like I'm trying to be the next internet millionaire. Of course people are going to jump at an affiliate offer that promises such results. The problem is people prey on this to be successful. I've always hoped to find a place where people actually share information and legitimately help one another. Longevity in IM is built on the shoulders of failures who keep coming back for the next golden ticket. I've long realized it only exist in a world of pure imagination.

    I could be totally wrong. I'm open minded enough to hear another persons perspective, ideas, experiences, recommendations.

    Flame Away BHW!!!
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    Duude Don't Be So Shortsighted!
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