[DONE] 250$ in 3 days with plugin shared on BHW


Jan 16, 2014
Hello my friends,

I know some of you like when I share ideas and twists, so I want to share 250$ BONUS* last days.

I saw Social Engage plugin shared in Downloads section, and some ideas got to my mind, and I started.

BHW Plugin link: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/member-downloads/768182-get-social-engage-pro.html

I went on Amazon and searched some deals.

And I found this great Fathers day deals with great banners too.

I bought domain (word)deals.com and made nice landing page on that domain.

I posted few banners with deals from Amazon, like, Electronics deals for Fathers day, Fashion deals for fathers day...

After page setup I activated this plugin and made new Engage in plugin.

I recorded camtasia video on my landing page and I said something like: Don't miss best Father's day deals, only 3 days left...

And I said something about deals, bla bla.

Video was 55 sec. long, just to get some attention with this plugin.

I set up this plugin to show video and Countdown until today.

Title was: Great Amazon Deals for Father's day.

And countdown, and button with: Check these deals on Amazon.com text in it.

I put Facebook ads for US with 30$/day and 0.08 CPC for website visit.

In 3 next days I made 257$ in Amazon Commissions.

Work spent for this money in hours: 3.

I hope you will try something new with this plugin and if you do write about it to motivate others.

Members downloads section is great place to get new ideas with great shares.
I dont understand why i need to use this plugin? This is for facebool post, no for ads, or i miss something?
The method is really worth trying according what you've said in this post. Are there any snapshots of your earnings from this method?

Thanks man!
Congrats Adrian and thanks for sharing your success story :) It inspired me to work on my deals domain that I had purchased long ago!
Adrian, how did you get such a low CPC for US? Mind, sharing your fb add settings? Or is it niche (keyword) related?

Thank you for sharing your twist. Your threads are always interesting to read.
For some reason "Social Engage" isn't working for me. Whenever I post the links, I get it like this. Anyone else?


I mean it is working, but not the cool way shown in video.
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