Dominate Mafia Wars - using Flippa for market research

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by JDRic, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Hi all-

    I spend sometime every few days and look at the listings at, especially those that report high earnings. These listings are a great source of information when one does niche research, or to get new ideas for new ventures.

    Other than just browsing the available listings, I search through their archives as well.

    Say, I consider starting a WP Themes Gallery site. I go to google and search for "WP themes gallery" or "WP themes gallery (which it was used to be called -so I get possible non-cached listings too). Then I go in there and say for instance...

    -"Hmm, this guy made $30 a month from adsense with 10K uniques per month. From affiliates $200... [here is, then, a hint to go with affiliates if possible -provided of course that his Adsense placements aren't too awful].
    Then he would sometimes have the keywords, referrers available in the screenshots.

    Sellers basically spill out their whole business plan, the whole story, what they did right or wrong.

    Here is an auction that ended recently:
    I haven't launched a CB product before but planning to very soon.
    There are many bits of insight into a variety of stuff that comes with publishing a CB product.

    So this guy apparently spends $79 a month for serving his videos through Amazon S3.
    -> This was something that I was curious about and here was my answer

    About 1500 products sold in a month through about 100 affiliates gives him a gravity of 96.
    -> This makes gravity score less of a mystery with some kind of a benchmark.

    This isn't probably news to many of you, perhaps many of you already have Clickbank products. But I haven't seen any "write-ups", so to say, about the figures and all.

    Auction sellers need to have theirs out in public.

    Lots for good stuff for info-junkies, just need to watch for paralysis-by-analysis.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I just found a great site to clone on flippa, which sold for 5 figures and that (supposedly) generates a few grand each month. I had a domain sitting around unused for a few months that is in a good niche, but I didn't know what to do with it. I'm mirroring the site now using Httrack, then I'll spin it, substitute my affiliate links, copy all the backlinks before building my own links, and relaunch. Thanks for the kick in the ass!
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    Flippa can be used in many ways especially for market research.

    I though of contacting personally a few people selling affiliate sites, a great way to attract affiliates :)