Domains parametrs for PBN


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Jul 21, 2022
With how average, maximal and minimal parametrs select domains for PBN ?
The real parameter is the actual backlink profile. If there are good links going to the domain then it is a good addition to your network. It is however impossible to individually analyze 10,000 domains like that so you can use metrics based filters. I would go with minimum 50 referring domains (some people go with 20 as well) it's really up to you. Moz DA of 20 or even 15 would work. With everyone looking for scraped domains, they just aren't what they used to be so you have to lower your standards.
It`s can possible find sellers of PBN drop domains whis middle percent of content unique in and Moz DA from 15 ?
You can check the Referring domain(RD) within 500 as maximum
A spam Score(SS) within 20 is maximum
Domain Authority(DA) as a maximum of 40
and DR 30+

These parameters you have to check for the PBN :)
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