Domains Getting Deindexed on Google??


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Aug 10, 2013
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Hi BHW Members,

I am using Blackhat niches and now a days Google is hammering every single blackhat website.

Few months ago, These blackhat websites used to stay indexed for 3-4 months but now after a week they are deindexing.

My website have deindexed too. I think google is taking strict actions on these websites.

If this is the case, then it would be difficult to earn with blackhat niches coz we work so hard in ranking those niches and google takes them down after few days. So, even the invested money is not returned here.

What advise you want to give to be able to promote blackhat stuff on google ?
are you sure your websites are deindexed because of their niche just after one week? there should be message in wmt

also in one week since indexation your website has no traffic so theres no one to report it.

and most importantly fresh website needs to stabilize especially if it has no backlinks, give it month

What was your website about? Would help if you provide more information.

Or was it a DMCA violating website?

Best Regards,

Its not DMCA complaint. I have used blackhat niches and that's why they have been deindexed.

It's not a sustainable business model. Try to get a positive ROI, but expect the sites to be taken down regularly. I am not aware of any way to keep them up longer or to avoid Google banhammer. Not exactly hard to find and rape those sites.
Its not DMCA complaint. I have used blackhat niches and that's why they have been deindexed.

As long as there are sites ranking for blackhat niches, then it's not your niche. Maybe you had duplicated content or something.
indexing / ranking ... now its all about the content .I remember the xrummer days , Bloggergenerator
btw i am curious, how much money can you make in this niche ? like whats the rpm ?
These are these main points which caused of de-indexing by google
1. Cloaking
2. Duplicate Content
3. Writing Content with a Machine
4. Add Unrelated Keywords to Your Content
5. Joining Link Exchanges and Bad Neighborhoods
6. Font Matching
7. Microscopic Font
8. Stacking Titles
9. Doorway Pages
10. Point 100 URLs to One URL
11. Abusing Rich Snippets Markup
12. Sending Automated Queries to Google
13. Building Water-thin Affiliate Sites
16. Duplicate Sites
17. Interlinking
may be you did something very fast so they traced you and you got indexed
Have you checked for INDEX tag.

One of clients installed an SEO plugin without informing me and selected NOINDEX NOFOLLOW from the dropdown options even when he had no idea what he was doing.

Website got deindexed. I had to correct the INDEX tags and reindex the website.

What platform your website is on?

Best Regards.


Its not DMCA complaint. I have used blackhat niches and that's why they have been deindexed.
Well, things just became more tricky. As you said these hacks and cracks websites were indexed for a few months sometimes. These times are gone now.

By the way...I also had a few hack websites and almost all of them have been deindexed. Around 10 websites in the last few days. They were not related to each other. Its just the niche.
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