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    Picked up a domain last night which has a site wide link from a small town newspaper using a blank ALT as the anchor. It also is receiving a 301 redirect from another domain which has 3 home page links from other small newspapers with a brand anchor. I know PR doesn't matter anymore but they're all PR5/4 with TF/CF around 30.

    The image alt has been pointing to a coming soon page as long it has existed (about a year and a half). The 301 domain redirect has gone to a 404 for about the same length of time. I've recreated both pages for the time being using Wayback.

    I'm planning on putting up a generic news site similar on the domain, but was wondering if there's any value in trying to sneak my link onto the 404 and placeholder pages in hopes nobody notices if they check (and so I could use two different anchors). Or just go ahead and integrate into the rest of my "news" site so I can take full value out of a full length article?

    The news sites are all updated frequently, but they've also had a broken link right next to the links that point to my domain for quite some time so I don't think whoever runs things pays attention the layout too much.
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