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    I have a vps server with webmin.

    I looked at this page:


    and got a little antsy thinking that I did it wrongafter waiting for a while and the domain not showing, so looked at this page:


    When I go to the domain, it now is pointing to the server, but it shows the Apache 2 Test Page.

    I edited the welcome file as it said and uploaded an index file in the directory that page says to (/var/www/html/), but it still shows this page as the index.

    I guess the nameservers are working if it's getting to the Apache page?

    What could be causing it to not show the index page and instead the Apache page? I uploaded an index file to a few different directories to see if it would matter, but it didn't. I also loaded a page with a different name to see if it was the index only that was having an issue, but that page won't show up either when I go to it with a browser - 'The requested URL /2116111550.html was not found on this server'.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Neiter of the site links above goes to the host I'm using, and the host doesn't really provide support for this server package.