Domain Transfer - Proper Process So I Don't Nuke Everything

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by wisedave, May 28, 2012.

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    I have asked my website host to begin the process to release my domains so I can transfer them to Namecheap. They sent me a form to fill out that is asking several questions I am unclear on (see attached).

    I have four domains I am going to transfer. Two domains just sit there and do nothing. I purchased them to protect our business name. They are a .net and .org. One domain name is a .com that we use for our emails. We also have a new WordPress site that we are going to start using for our main business site. The domain we currently use for our site is a domain. We don't have any kind of emails systems set up for that....just the website.

    All of these domain currently re-direct to the domain.

    There are two things I am nervous about....the first is how do we transfer these and not have the website drop off the face of the earth? I am worried that 'the button is pushed' and then when somebody types our domain in their browser, searches for us etc....they get an error.

    The other thing is our emails. We will be using Liquid Web for our email hosts. How do I make sure that my emails don't get lost in space?

    There has to be some logical and natural progress for all of this and I have yet to crack the code!

    Any help to bring me back down to earth would be appreciated. I havent' started the process with Namecheap as of yet because I don't know where to begin.

    Many thanks!

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    This is all easier than you may think. Start the transfer from NameCheap and everything should work as is. When the transfer is made, the nameservers will stay the same, so if you're not changing your hosting company or your email setup with Liquid Web then everything should run without any timeouts or loss of service.
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    Once the domain is unlocked at current registrar and you have EPP code + the access to administrative email mentioned in domain whois, you can initiate the transfer process at Namecheap. It will take few hours to few days (depends upon how quick your current registrar releases the domain) to show up in Namecheap account once you have clicked approval email sent to your administrative email address. If for any reason, the domain transfer process is failed, you will get a refund from Namecheap and your domains would remain at current registrar. So no need to worry about losing your domains. Go ahead and start the transfer :)
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    just ask your domain registrar to release epp code.They will release the epp code,you should enter the code where you want to transfer.It will take some time to get transferred.