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Domain selling agreement/contract

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by appliedscience, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. appliedscience

    appliedscience Regular Member

    Jan 28, 2011
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    Hey all, I'm really wanting to sell some of my domain names. I don't know what I will end up selling for but the one thing holding me back is that I want a contract with the buyer to agree on the 'obvious' associated with buying a domain name. Additionally, previous I have had products associated with the domain name, within my ebook products I link to the domain name I'm wanting to sell, I want to ensure the new owner has agreed, legally, they understand they have no rights for/to anything previously associated with the domain.

    I would go to a laywer, but I've had quotes and I would need to sell my domains for a lot of money to even break even.

    I've looked online, but I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share a contract they use for the sale of simple domains which I could use to help me get started, and save costs in getting something together.

    Thanks in advance.