Domain Privacy To The Extream

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by Medic873, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Okay here is what im curious about I purchased two domains on godaddy a couple weeks ago and just finished building there sites. Now both of these sites are based on a topic that has alot of gossip and of course I have been promoting in a way that my friends and family may easily come across this site.

    But I never want anyone to know that I own them so I purchased domain privacy on godaddy but is there any way for them to discover who owns it if I own domain privacy.

    Also is there any risk due to the fact that I am using a ultimate hosting plan and they could find out what other domains are on my hosting package and then do a whois on those domains I just want to know how to become secure before going 100% live.
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    Only if your privacy protection gets deactivated, which can happen if you forget to renew the subscription, get too many abuse complaints, are subject of a court order or request from law enforcement, etc..

    Possibly. Do a reverse IP search and see how many other domains you share that box with. Ask yourself, "if someone really wants to track me down could they go through this list and eventually find a common footprint that would reveal my identity?".
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    Yeah, there are always means to get to know the domain holder - even the hard way, if it goes to that.

    The basic Privacy Protect does it for most of the times, because Average Joe doesn't have any idea how to check even that, and anything beyond that would require that you have originally set up the domain via some sort of anonymity service, doing payments anonymously. Very possible, but not worth the hassle if you're not going to do anything illegal.

    But generally the downsides to these anonymous registrations are quite big: you might not actually own the domain, despite being told to, and the registrar can just do whatever they want with it. Maybe not that common, but very possible.