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Feb 27, 2021
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I want to change my domain name of a new website from .co to .biz. I already bought the name but am wondering Is this something to request the hosting to do or is it something I need/can do myself? If so what's the easiest way to go about it? Relatively new to all this.
Hello you need to perform below things,
  1. Point new domain name to your hosting ip address
  2. redirect old domain to new domain
You can either forward the address in your domain settings who you purchased the domain with.

If you want to shift over to your new .biz, then you will have to addon a new subdomain, if you have cpanel, and setup the domain to point to your webhosting nameservers.
You will have to do it yourself. Both the website move and the domain redirect. Domains can be redirected either in cpanel or from the registrar dashboard. As for the migration of the website, if it's wordpress, use a migration plugin.
The hosting company may be nice enough to do a free migration for you.
Otherwise, look up some migrating plugins (if you are with Wordpress) a few names comes to mind such as Updraft, migrator etc
Then use 301 redirects to redirect your old one to your new one
If you have no idea how to do that
take a read at
another advice is to go on GSC and tell to them in the setting tab
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