Domain, Link, Accounts blocking by facebook.

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    Oct 9, 2015
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    Hello guys, i have been reading lots arround last couple of months and learned a lot. Thanks to all of you. Now i got some questions about Facebook accounts blocking, domains, links.

    Lately Facebook has blocked my domain, after a couple of days also blocked a links. If i would buy like 5-6 cheap domains and make a redirect to my main domain, by shorten-urls with, would help a bit? What redirection should i be using? Blogspot, Tumblr? Or what suggestions are? I am posting mostly to a groups, under the comments, doing it handly way without a scripts, or bots.

    Facebook accounts blocking. How to handle more than 10 accounts w/o getting them all blocked and linked together. Is there only a way to buy 10 Proxies with Dedicated IP's to each of them, and keep each account running on different IP?

    Try not to be a rude on me, i'm just a Newbie yet :)