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    Hi there,

    So, I am about to launch an online e-learning portal this month. I had checked for a brandable domain name few days back but it was registered by someone else. I tried to contact the registrant of that domain but haven't received any reply till now.

    I am wondering about the price he would ask for that domain?
    Can you guys just give me an idea of how much it would cost me?

    It's a 2 word domain brandable and related to learning/education.
    High search volume.
    Can even be concidered as an EMD in my case.

    Thanks you
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    Too many unknown factors here to even be able to provide any kind of reasonable guess.

    This would be like having a friend who lives halfway around the world call you up excited because they found the house of their dreams. Telling you that it's perfect for their family's needs and pretty much nothing else. Then asking you how much they should be willing to pay for it?

    Just now way to know how to be helpful. Not enough information.
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