Does Your WebHost Help Make You Money?

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    Sep 23, 2008
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    Hey guys,

    Does your webhost help make you money?

    This is all *insider* information (for real, and no hype).

    It has been a partially well-kept secret that Kiosk is
    relaunching it's hosting service, and wrapping in 3+ other
    services in September, under the GVO name.

    It's an all-in-one service that we would normally promote anyway:
    Kiosk Hosting, Autoresponder, Easy Video Producer Video service,
    and Hot Conference
    . This is Filsaime's, Cheney's, Frank Bauer's, Frank Kern's
    hosting company (and most of the big boys).

    Like before this will have a viral component, where the emphasis
    IS on the product, and NOT the opportunity, BUT there will be
    money to be made for anyone who gets in early.

    That is because of the 2x10 matrix. Lots of potential residual.
    It only costs a dollar to sign up at this time to lock in a
    place, here at the top. (nice for a change, eh? to be in at
    the onset of one of these?)

    If you get in under me, you could get massive spillover from
    Todd Gross, Mark and Joel and ME!

    Filsaime and the others will promote in September but only two
    others got early links in June, and now two friends of MINE,
    Mark and Ken are working with GVO's Joel Therien.

    Mark and Ken and Joel (and his partner Mike) they have gotten us
    in "at the top", and placed us strategically in a perfect position.

    This is kind of like insider trading but it IS legal.

    Even if you are using Kiosk now, it is recommended you join with
    this link to secure placement near the top of this launch.

    Here's the link:


    Like Kiosk, it is expected that folks who sign up will have
    a very long longevity with this system. When you promote it,
    and get sign-ups of folks that want the family of services,
    they are really locked down for a good long while, great for

    Imagine if your subscribers were on this plan... how many would
    quit if they had their leads in the autoresponder and all of
    their websites on the server? Not many.

    Right place, right time.

    There has already been "spillover" in just the few hours
    this has been around. If you don't know what spillover is,
    use your imagination, it is just what it sounds like
    (top down).

    Todd Gross, Ken Reno, Odinn Sorenson, Steve Yakim, Micheal Savoie,
    Jeff Davis, Mark Lareau, Keith Carberry,and so many brilliant
    marketers have just signed on in the past few hours.

    Again, here is the "literal" insider $1 link to secure your
    place, you'll be able to see your downline grow before this
    even launches.


    And here's a blog i made if you want to keep up with things and my review of the program cause i'm following bhw rules :) :-

    And another note to the mods about posting affiliate links and non affiliate links. This program is not even in pre-launch mode and is by special invite only, so there is no non affiliate link for this. Besides another advantage of using this link is that you'll be under the same group with the big marketers i mentioned above, so it's actually a big advantage for us.

    Enjoy folks!
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    none serious hosting business with '' help '' you with anything , they are selling space on their servers/data centers . period / end of the story . Who's doing other '' extras '' act like desperate & cheap hosting resellers :)
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    Thanks for your opinion keinehabe :)

    But to answer some doubts, this hosting provider does not uses someone else's data centers and own their hosting data centers placed in their own building. And yes they do infact help you make money.

    Did you check out the site i mentioned in my post yet? Don't flame my opinion of it now as i think this hosting service is doing something that will change the way affiliate marketing is.

    Oh it's not only a hosting service. It has an autoresponder to rival that of aweber, a video hosting site which costs way more than this service outside, web conference and tools to help any internet marketer out.

    Damn, sorry if i sound too salesy as i'm pretty excited about this. Seriously just check it out and again, don't flame me for giving out my thoughts yea :D
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    Okay guys. In order to succeed we'll have to help each other out. You'll need only 2 referrals to get this system free. So what we'll do is to post your affiliate link here and let members join under your link here to get you started after you've signed up with my link. Here's my aff link again (this time to a different landing page) :-

    Take advantage of the 14 day $1 trial and if you're not satisfied, well you know what's next but i highly doubt it once you see all the features anyways. Nevermind the payplan.

    P/S : Don't forget that you'll get spillovers from the timing as this program is not even in pre-launch stage yet (one more week). So take advantage and secure your top position as we'll help each other out.
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    You may have already joined GVO and if so, I thank you for your

    Many jumped on it right away and have spoken to me personally, or
    have mailed me about how well they've done up to this point.

    Recently, in the new members area the commissions are starting
    to show up as well. That's one part that is very exciting.

    I have to warn you though - this is new: For those of you with
    the big downlines that fell into your matrix.. legal reasons mean
    that you *DO* have to get at least ONE person on your own in order
    to get paid.

    Also, and this is unfortunate, if you signed up but didn't pay
    your $1 to lock in your position your name will be flushed
    very soon. We are seeing the non-paying members getting flushed
    every other day. Which isn't very good, considering, some had
    fair downlines happening, but, by not following through they
    won't see their commissions, or the residual income that comes
    from them.

    Here's the latest info: GVO is launching later this week,
    but I'm not sure of the day. It will be called a "pre-launch"
    with Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce and members of our group
    highlighted. I have been informed that spillover may AGAIN occur,
    not just from our teams forthcoming efforts, but from the company
    since we are so close to the top.

    Don't count on it, but it is possible.

    And our team of people will also be promoting heavily and ensuring
    our spillover "flows" down the matrix too

    If you want to be involved with me, Todd Gross,
    Derrick Van Dyke, Ewen Chia, and some of the biggest names in the
    world of Network Marketing, get in now!

    If you want to wait until everyone else has promoted later this
    week, that's ok to, but I suggest you pick up the sign-ups
    before the Gurus snatch em' up.

    Those that have not had a great number of sign-ups or those in
    your downline, I can't stress how important it is that you have
    patience, since the main goal was to get "in" and in place,
    locked-in before the launch.

    That said, so many of you have realized that you can make residual
    income , especially if YOU put in the effort to sign up 2 people per

    If you feel you don't yet have the skills to sign up two people
    a month, don't fret, both GVO will be having training sessions,
    and our team will will also be sharing tips and strategies
    that are working for us to share with you as well.

    Email me if you want to discuss anything...

    The greatest in all you do,
    Make Success Yours!