Does yahoo "ghost" sent emails?

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    (wasn't sure where else to ask this)

    I've been using yahoo (ymail) for my email marketing. Replying to emails, forwarded to a yahoo account form my gmail accounts linked to CL. Seems ymail accounts are easy to make, I'll send out 200 - 300 replies, delete the account and move on.

    It seemed like at times when doing this, my responses weren't as good as they could be. Last night, I sent out a large batch of replies and have had zero clicks. Seems extremely unlikely, so maybe yahoo just didn't send the emails but told me it did?

    Was using the VPN, HMA.. which I've read, may not be good to do. So dunno if that had an effect or people hit spam on my first batch and so yahoo "ghosted" the account for the next batch.

    Any idea would be wonderful! And yeah.. need to get an autoresponder on a domain soon.
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