Does Wordpress negatively affect rankings?

You can try best alternative platform such as Wix, Joomla and squarespace. SEO success depends on more and more practice and optimizing your content, not CMS itself.
Yes, you are right what your saying, Even tho I have background in code, I enjoy the pleasure of page builders its like digital painting because I can optimize them easily technically and since we been using the same page builder for years (elementor) We have encountered every possible trial and error it could have an affect on google over a 6 year period and have solved all those issues which we generated millions in revenue combined in those years for clients (my team included). Now google is going for those issues and we already seen them as problem years back and people now are panicking. I was even thinking about making a no code academy a while ago for elementor I asked BHW users here before but def no time now to do that I got a few yes answers, Its been a while I freelanced, but if I was making websites again. I would forsure use page builders because we have made them rank #1 for years and seen the proof of concept. But I have also seen people who just know how to use a page builder and nothing else backend which is not enough and then they complain about SEO results. Even page builders should know a level of coding to read and understand what to fix and edit.

Im not sure the demand still for elementor pro websites & seo for the future to come I have to watch what is going to happen with search engines, Ai, websites in general. If it is a demand maybe this year I will release something that could be helpful by summer or sooner if I did see alot of curious interests. E-course whatever you guys call it, Wouldnt mind making some extra passive cash by providing REAL info and in return seeing a bunch of tech page builders be better at what they do.

Old BHW Thread of mine on Elementor:
My answer was biased by woocommerce plus wp bakery plus custom theme extension. ;)

There is some blocks now built into WordPress but I still think it's weird. It's probably simpler and allows less than elementor.

Elementor extensions programming looked nightmarish. On the other hand Building with it was like... Adobe design program. I prefer doing customs on JavaScript generated by AI or from libs on the internet.

Chatgpt and Gemini don't know elementor. Dementor.

With code I just take random Lander off the internet, redesign on the fly in code. Implementing these customs into cms would be so many extra steps I give up.
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Not true.
Almost 50% of the sites on the internet are run under WP - the most popular platform available in business.
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