Does web 2.0 works now?


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Oct 17, 2018
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I've been reading lot of articles online that Web 2.0 no longer works, in fact, being counted as spammy links?
Has anybody been making recently getting results?
the result depends on many factors like :
  1. quality of web2.0s (age , OBL , backlinks...)
  2. your site (content,backlink profile,Page speed...)
but in general : yes
All I use are web2.0's, they work just fine.
What is your procedure for web 2.0, do you use same domain multiple times, make expired web 2.0, how many posts and content length your post and ehat types of links you build for web2.0 to boost.
I use Web 2.0 in my backlinks and they seem to be OK.

You need tier 3 links to the Web 2.0 to juice them up.
Has anybody been making recently getting results?

Web 2.0 Backlinks successfully create unique authority backlinks to increase your website ranking. Web 2.0 Hyperlinks systems are that they are taken into consideration credible by Google, as they have a high Domain Authority. The advantage of Web 2.0 websites is that you can utilize them to construct contextual backlinks.
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