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Does the diversity of the location of the back link on each website matter?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by mqs1000, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. mqs1000

    mqs1000 Power Member

    May 4, 2013
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    I am a Wordpress web designer so I always put a back link to my website in the footer (bottom right or bottom left) of the websites I build. This makes the back link appear on every page and post that the website contains since it is always automatically in the footer. I have a feeling this is not good and a back link profile should be a mix of links in different locations such as the middle of a paragraph (before and after words), in the navigation at the top, and more. Am I right?

    2nd question - I thought of an idea to program my back links so that each time the page is loaded a different anchor tag shows up. Another words I can write a quick script in which I can put in 10 different possibilities of anchor tags and every time the page is loaded it randomly shows one from the list. Is that a good idea in terms of anchor diversity? Or will it mess things up with Google since each time Google crawls the page it will see a different anchor tag and maybe think it's spammy