Does the Classical Method( adding friends)

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    Some of my friends that make a few 1k a day said my method won't work. I have 100 facebook account and I just made them yesterday. So far I only used 33 of them and I have a total of 4k-5k friends. Eventually I will get these accounts to 1k-5k friends. Then get more accounts.
    So how can this method fail? I mean being a Publisher is mainly about getting as much traffic as possible to your survey. So if i had say 40k friends 25k decide to join either a cpa page out of that from my data 30% will click and 7% will give me a lead with [email protected] Non cpa page would take time. Can someone explain to me if this will work or not and tell me why?

    And even if it does... i can sell invites lol. the more friends u have on facebook the BIGGER THE ASSET IT IS. Btw my friend all he does is spamm i dont consider that a skill or a way to truly provide traffic but if it works for him good.
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