Does taffic exchange helps in getting Adsense approved or in improving rank?

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    Request:please do not delete this thread, move it somewhere else if there is any issue, or ask me to do that.
    Today, I saw a post with reference of hitleap. I have to ask few questions to webmasters and founder of few big SEO agencies on BHW regarding Traffic exchage?
    Answer keeping hitleap in mind-
    1) Can I get Adsense account approved after a month with quality content and as I subscribed to few traffic exchange sites?
    2) Is it useful for SEO (in long term 6 months)?
    3) I saw you tube videos there, does it increase views?
    4) What else I can use it (traffic exchange) for?

    My view is, it is completely useless as it is based on automated bots, no manual work nothing. Even have a bit of doubt and need clarification.
    I have 2+ year of experience in SEO but I never came across this, just trying to polish my knowledge. Please help, I insist all webmasters, and big names to share their views.
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    I think adsense accepts pretty much any site aslong as it has unique content and about 25-50 pages of good decent content.
    Traffic probably doesn't matter for getting accepted.
    Don't make a saturated blog about ipads or some tech shit do something unique it doesn't matter what really write about horseshit if you must....

    Traffic is useless for seo but it is for alexa ranking but that's useless unless you want to get people to advertise on your blog some large corporations used to ask not sure if they still do for a high alexa ranking to show cpm ads.

    Traffic can be used to increase pageviews etc but it won't do alot and might actually get your site banned.
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