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    just got a blog up and running and was looking at affiliates programs and for my niche share a sale looked great in terms of merchants and good commissions for my niche. I read share a sale publisher faq and they don't say anything about taking a percentage of my commission. But i found a e commerce store related to my niche and it says they give me a direct 25% percent commission and don't take a cut like shareasale,cj and some others. Does sharesale take a percent of my commission?

    i'll probably use both the ecommerce for products directly rated to my niche and shareasale for products that people in my niche would also be interested in. I was just wondering because it doesn't say they do in the affiliate faq page.
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    I used share a sale. there is a 1x set up fee AND you must keep funds in there account so they can pay your people but as far as a monthly fee dont think so.