Does PayPal Accept Visa Gift Cards???


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Jan 3, 2010
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I recently closed one of my PayPal accounts and need to make a purchase. I'm waiting for the other to be verified but I expect it to be Monday before that happens.

Can I use a Visa or AMEX gift card to purchase something through PayPal? The merchant accepts both PayPal and Credit Cards. Since the credit card is processed though PayPal, I'm curious if I will run into an issue.

How does this work with address verification?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
@gulfcoast - Does that work and have you tried it? I'm open to anything but I do not want to load a card and it not work.

This is retarded, I was going to explain why it does work but apparently that is against the rules. In a nutshell, been there done that and it works fine.
@mmeadows - It's against the rules for you to post how it works??? Check you PM.
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This is starting to get annoying lol ...

You are trying to post a message that has triggered our moderation system. Double check our rules to make sure you are posting something that is appropriate. We don't tolerate any selling, posting contact information, urls, swearing, giving thanks ect... Please understand this is to protect our community from spammers. Once you have been a member of BHW for a longer period of time this limit will be removed. Thank you!

Im going outside to scream in the pine trees.
It works, at least it did. I did it 2-3 years ago a pre paid mastercard I got as a gift.

They should be accepted anywhere ccs are so just plug in the number.
Send it to me in an email. I sent you my address.

Thanks wow - I hope that you are correct!

Anyone else on insight to this?
you can verify it with Payoneer Debit PrePaid MasterCard as well (mine is also verified with a Payoneer card), but it's not too much help, if you're in a hurry, because the shipping time is up to 10 business days
the card has a $10.00 activation fee and $3.00 monthly maintenance fee
you can apply for one, if you're an adult (18-19+) US resident without joining any of their partner programs
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