Does multiple Google Map Pins Help a Client in local listings?

Discussion in 'Local SEO' started by limeygent, Sep 19, 2015.

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    One of my clients bought a fiverr gig to help him with his local SEO. My first reaction was <facepalm>. I asked him what it was. "A citation link wheel" I've never heard of that before. Well the fiverr guy delivered, and it turned out he added 20 map pins to Google maps within a 5 mile radius of his office. Each pin had the actual address of the office (even though the pin was a few miles away) One of the pins had driving directions to the office.

    Time will tell, but I have no idea how this would help improve local SEO, if it's frowned upon or if it even works.

    Anyone else heard of this technique and how or why it works?

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    I hope I understand the issue correctly: Citations do help in local rankings however the multiple pins at different location with the same address will simply result in a removal of all those map pins (if it is a competitive niche they will be removed very soon else it will stay as long as the review takes place).
    If he has got map pins dropped from separate google accounts and they are simply used as citation links then it will help in improving the authority of the listing.