Does local SEO negatively affect global rankings and can it be page specific?

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    Hiya people,

    I am working on a Brick and Mortar company in the UK and we have a large showroom in one area (lets say Leeds) but we also want to target other areas for the people that will buy without needing to visit the showroom. Secondly, we hope to build more showrooms in other areas after I expand.

    I need to do Local SEO for the area of the current showroom (Leeds) since that area stands the highest chance of converting customers as they can come into our Showroom. However, I am worried that by doing Local SEO for Leeds, then my site will be less shown on non-local searches in London and other cities.

    1) Does local SEO negatively affect your SERP ranking for general non local searches?
    2) Can I do local SEO just for one specific page of my website, say a Leeds Showroom page, and the rest of the site Google will still understand to be global? And yet still appear strongly when people Google Leeds Showroom?

    Thanks for your time,

    Have a good day.