Does it even really matter is Askimet bans you?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by zoomsixx, Mar 29, 2011.

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    I have done some pretty light scrapebox commenting on my domains, nothing too crazy. Last night I tried to manually post on a .edu that appeared to be autoapprove by the obvious full page of anchor text as names and links in the comment area. I went to post with a fairly decent comment and my target keyword in the name field, I clicked submit. My post didn't show up. WTF, I'm thinking. I hit refresh, nothing, I repost, nothing. I post with a Squidoo blog link of mine, nothing, I submit with a digg dot com URL and the post immediately shows up.

    I'm sweating a little at this time so I try to find a way to check if I'm banned on Askimet. I find the below site and start checking all of my blogs, every single one is listed as banned, my squidoo pages, sites I have only done manual posting with, a couple of entire domains I have are banned.

    I started checking other people's sites as well. Almost any black hat related site was banned, this site included. Some were not banned, sites like Google, Digg, sites with higher PR it seemed. A large percentage of sites I checked are listed as banned.

    So what does this mean? That my posts are sent to be moderated? Does it even really matter if Askimet blacklists you if that many sites are blacklisted? It seems that any commenting besides the once so very often manual comment is looked at as spam. It doesn't seem to be slowing my backlink building any and my position in the serps seems to be climbing.