Does I get from ordered PR7-9 Links really powered Visitors?


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Jan 16, 2011

does I get from ordered PR7-9 Links really powered Visitors? I mean websites ordered on backlink selling services. Websites with some outbond links only? PR 7 - PR 9 websites.

My website have over 30k backlinks in the go. webmaster tools. So when I order those backlinks for 300$ per month, does my visitor from search engines jump really over 10k per day higher? Or no effect?

With one worth is this backlink higher than my others 30k:
(30.000 Backlinks (profils, social b, networks, directories,...)) < (one PR 7 backlink)
No, just having high page rank backlinks won't cause your visitor levels to rocket.

If the backlinks have any effect on your ranking for specific keywords (they should do, but they don't always have this effect), then yes, you should get an improvement in visitor levels.
Indirectly, yes!

But there are many factors like competitors, keywords, bla bla bla (moreover, you can search a lot of informational threads here on BHW)
I am looking for buy some text links on PR 5+ shopping / clothing / wedding / costumes / jewellery / fashion / women's accessories related websites or Blogs.
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