Does google take longer to rank sites?


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Dec 7, 2013
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I made my site a couple days ago. Made my first article about 20 hours ago with a search volume of about 1300. On yahoo and bing im ranked on the second page. On google im nowhere to be found.

Well I can only be found by doing intitle "keyword" and past 24 hours". But not past week or month (even though there are only a few results).

So do i just have to wait a bit?

And is it also easier to rank on bing? The competition is pretty much the same on bing/yahoo and google. So just wondering where I will be placed.

Guess im doing some pretty good seo and keyword research to be placed on second page for a site created 2 days ago.
Image below for anyone wondering about my site stats
You using a EMD? and no backlinks?

Google does take longer to rank to page 1 in my experience
Miles slower recently in my experience. Several weeks in some cases, but it catches up. Just gotta wait mate.
You have to be patient for 2 or 3 weeks. It takes that long to start ranking and up to 6 months or more to reach the first page.
sometime they work slow. i have a site that i deleted about a week ago, and it still shows in the results for certain keywords.
Very much slower. I ranked a site on yahoo in about 3 weeks (position 2) for a medium competition k/w however google........ showed after about 6 weeks, danced around 100, then went to 70 and has stayed there ever since.
I think they take more time to apply changes to a sites ranking after building links now.

In the past you'd see results pretty quickly, I think they're adding in a time delay to obfuscate which links are working best, and because they know we're all impatient and so will build more and more links if the first batch haven't had an effect, which flags what you're doing if you do too much.

Basically Googles algo is pap and they're having to hold it together with sticky plasters to stop it being completely outfoxed by blackhatters.
SEO takes longer than ever before. Patience is key.
If you do everything by the book (correctly) 6 months in most cases. If you fail doing it correctly at best you'll rank in more than 6 months at works you'll never rank.
With a search volume of 1300 if you do your seo correctly you should be ranked within about a month, could be sooner could be longer.
If everything done is correct, ranking should not be longer as you say. But post recent updates with Google they seem to have become more cautious about sudden spurt in backlinks.
I have seen my SEO sites take 8-9 months before any real movement.
Not for me, still getting good results from brand new domains, branded, EMDs, PMDs.

Depends what you do and how you structure your OM.
Took me 5 months to get my first ever niche website on the first page.. (780,000 results keyword )
brand new domain.

bear in mind im a newbie and made lots of mistakes that had to be rectified :D
Thanks guys for all your comments.

If everything done is correct, ranking should not be longer as you say. But post recent updates with Google they seem to have become more cautious about sudden spurt in backlinks.
I don't intend to buy crazy backlinks.
It really depends on the competition, I just made a website today, after I submitted it to webmaster tool to crawl the url, I was ranking 1st for 2 keywords, and position 4 for another 2. It also got me 400 UV today, and this was a brand new domain.
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