Does Google crawl a link backwards?

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    I have a curious situation pop up. interested in input from more experienced guys.

    I build a website for a customer to use as a personality page. He was going on the radio, and his business site is keyword rich and hard to remember, so we got a simpler domain name and I build an HTML 1 pager.

    He used this new domain in a recent radio show, so his listeners could find him easier.

    On this personality page, I linked out to his real business site with two do-foll links. This page went live exactly 7 days ago. I have built no links to it, and only those two links from it. It has not been submitted to webmasters tools, nor have any citations or other directory listings been done.

    The site is hosted on this customers hosting account as a add on domain. No attempt has been made to hide the domain, registration is in the customers name.

    Today, the domain shows up as indexed in Google.

    In 7 days with NO ATTEMPT to get it indexed at all, and no links built.


    Anyone ever get a site indexed by linking OUT?
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