Does Anyone Remember This Download?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by rooktook, Oct 1, 2009.

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    I am looking for a report I downloaded some time ago. I must have deleted it from my computer as I cannot find it.

    It was a report about selling leads to offline businesses. I think it was a WSO. It was not the mom and pop system by Sanchez or the newer Russ Reynolds position WSo.

    This was a much older report where the guy was using infousa to find business owners to sell leads to. I think he used plumbers or dentist as an example.

    If any of this rings a bell, please let me know. I have searched and gone through some older threads but still did not find it.

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    Not sure if it's what you're looking for, but here's something that sounds like what you described-

    Ok Here is one of my best methods to make money on line . Build a website for a service business it could be any business example plumbing I have a website


    Which I have in google ad words to get the jobs coming in.

    Contact some plumbers in your local area and make shure they have all the equiptment to handle drain cleaning including sewer camers and pipe locaters.

    Now tell them you have extra work and if they are intrested in covering your extra jobs you will let them do them for 65% of what ever is made from the jobs, that means you will make 35% of the job just for getting the job.

    Now look at the big picture if they are doing drain cleaning when they come across a broken sewer pipe that starts to get into big money any where from $1200 to $10,000 for some of these jobs, so your 35% comission starts to add up really quick.

    Now you can do this with any service business that has big ticket sales I also do this same thing with Water Damage Restoration these are also very big ticket jobs that bring in some nice Cash.

    Again because the jobs are so much money its easy to find someone that will do the work for 65%. You can build construction websites for construction work these are supper big dollar jobs so on these you will have to drop your comissions down to about 10% to 15% but remember you are only taking the call and turning the customers info over to the companies that you are working with.

    Now for getting getting paid I would try to work with companies in your local area. My plumbers I work with pay me once a week and do a direct deposit in to my bank account. The water damage is different because of insurance billing sometimes its up to 3 months before I get my comissions. But they always send me a Check in the mail when they get paid. With the Construction work I get Paid when the company gets paid usally at the end of the job.

    So what are you wating for get going build some web sites get calls coming in to your phone and start making money.

    To sum it up. This is a nice way to make some income without working. All you do is answer phones get the customer information and call your contractors and they will call the customer right back and do all the work and all the billing!
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    that was pretty generous. From someone looking for a past ebook, to someone giving out a pretty slick business opportunity. Thank you bachhus
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    Who you might be looking for is Mark Vurnum who has something called lead generating blueprint. For it's time, (last year or the year before) it was ok. He's someone who's actually doing the business. However, he's poor on teaching what he knows and has problems focusing and following through.