Does anyone know how to?

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    Jun 10, 2014
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    Hey I was wondering what I would have to do in order to pay for sign ups? I'm a associate/affiliate marketer and my company pays out $80 per person. So I was wondering if it would be good to use CPA ? Cpc? What is it that I need to do to generate 5-10 sales a day? Also my companies buy in rate is $40 so I get a 200% commission. I'm promoting towards stay at home mothers fathers anyone looking for extra income. Also I can promote towards the roadside assistance aspect of the business. But I'm looking to help others make money by joining our company. Any ideas? I have a lead capture page already made, just looking to see how to get as many sign ups as possible per day! With using different methods.
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    Is this MCA? If it is, most of the people who do this get leads via social networks. They either post videos on youtube or create fan pages. I've also seen people promote it on CL.

    IMO, there are way better CPA offers to promote than this. But good luck OP.
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    is this MCA? ....