Does a PR program like this exist?


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Jun 5, 2009
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I was wondering if there was anything out there that someone could recommend that would allow me to copy&paste or use via an Excel file to sort a list of websites by PR?

Basically I would input a list of sites...and wham bam thank you ma' tells me the PR of all sites I inputed?

Thanks in advance. has a tool for $10. You just use the reprocess tab. Its also possible that hrefer included with xrumer may do this.

There are also some websites that do this but usually limit you to 10 urls at a time
Hrefer PR sort does not work well ... max I ever got it to do was 5000 URLs, most people say they cant even get it that far.... I have not tried the newer 2.98 version though.
Whatever program you use, you will likely need to use proxy support if you are going to check out thousands of URLs. Google will just reject after so many automated searches
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